MMA shorts are the greatest mix of workout shorts, boardshorts, and durable to withstand the beatings in the cage. They come in all shapes in sizes and we can print on them all. We’ll give you the best layout to maximize sponsorship exposure and allow you the most comfort. We’re not going to waste our time with giant black background stickers just to throw something on. We take hands on care of each short that is printed and will take the time to make each sponsor fit and look its best on every print. Full color prints or even a low cost 1 color version whatever your needs are we will exceed expectations.

We’ve built our business around very quick turnaround times and understand the pressures of last minute sponsorship dollars. You need them and they need you wearing their logo. We’ll make it work for you.


3 Responses to Shorts

  1. marcel andersen says:

    i would like logos screenprinted on my fight shorts. 4-5 logos. what steps do i take to get this done?

    • Matt Tjaden says:

      Just shoot an email to with your logos preferrably in vector format (Pdf, ai, or eps) and we’ll send you a form to fill out along with address to send the shorts to. Thanks!

    • Nick Schmidtke says:

      Marcell Andersen – Dont waste your time on logos for your shorts. I plan on taking you out early, way before anyone will see your shorts.

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