Our banners are full color printing at any size you request, unless in the UFC you don\'t have a choice, but we\'re fully aware of their regulations and comply with all of them to still create an amazing banner that represents you as a fighter and the sponsors that pay you to represent them. We create a one of a kind design for the fighter while still putting the ones that pay for the banner on the forefront. They are paying for it after all. More »


MMA shorts printing. We’re not going to waste our time with giant black background stickers just to throw something on. We take hands on care of each short that is printed and will take the time to make each sponsor fit and look its best on every print. We’ll give you the best layout to maximize sponsorship exposure and allow you the most comfort. Whatever your needs are we will exceed expectations. More »

Custom Shirts

Walkout shirts, clothing lines, hoodies, personalized T-shirts, and everything in between. We do custom sponsors printing for your 1 walkout shirt, high quality enough to frame after your win, but with a price low enough to toss if you lost. We can design and print entire lines such as Get Sum Fight Gear\'s line. We\'ll design personalized shirts just for the fighter, such as Mike \"The Marine\" Richman, Paul \"The Gentleman\" Bradley, or Marcus \"The Prospect\" Levesseur. We\'ll take your idea and make it amazing enough for your girlfriend to wear it. We\'ll produce a small run and work out a deal to make it profitable for you to sell for yourself. We\'re looking out for you as a fighter and the sponsors that want to help you make a career out of fighting. More »


Our roster of Fighters we have either helped or sponsored. More »

More Than MMA Products

We focus on Mixed Martial Arts out of are passion for the sport but we do a large portion of our business with sponsors companies, cousins, and friends of fighters. The best connections are by word of mouth and we help anyone that needs some creative designs or custom work done. Stickers, banners, shirts, signage, or logos. We have a high level design staff that has worked with the largest names in sports. NHL, NBA, NFL and worked from concept to packing 40,000 towels straight off the press. More »


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Chris Greseth


Christopher Greseth is an inspiration singer out of Minnesota. He sings weekly at Hosanna and has been a great breakout star with his new CD coming soon.


This is also gibberish for testing purposes :)



Switch is an amazing singer also coming from Minnesota. He’s a soul singer with a big heart and an incredible voice to romance the ladies ha.



Homeless is living in California now after ripping through Minnesota’s local underground scene of battle rappers. He’s a poet and his lyrics rip through guys with the poise and vocabulary they can’t comprehend.

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