The bread and butter of why exists. Besides winning fights, banners, t-shirts, and shorts are how fighters get paid in the cage. Sponsors want a way to gain exposure from the excitement of what MMA brings. They know its a huge market and one of the fastest growing sports in the world. They also know if a fighter is winning, more people will be watching you wearing their logo.

Our banners are full color printing at any size you request, unless in the UFC you don’t have a choice, but we’re fully aware of their regulations and comply with all of them to still create an amazing banner that represents you as a fighter and the sponsors that pay you to represent them. We create a one of a kind design for the fighter while still putting the ones that pay for the banner on the forefront. They are paying for it after all.

Our goal at is to maximize the amount of sponsorship money in your pocket, by saving you money on the cost of your shorts, shirts, and banner printing. The money you get from your sponsors should stay with you, the fighter.

Call us and see, We’ll make you look good.

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